The Hand Center

of southern california


The Hand Center of Southern California has provided comprehensive evaluation and treatment of acute hand and upper extremity injuries, as well as treatment for patients with arthritis since 1991.

Our hand rehabilitation program offers:

•    Wound Care/Debridement

•    Orthosis Fabrication/Splinting

  1.    Edema and Pain Management

  2.    Lymphedema Management

•    Sensory Retraining and Desensitizing Program

•    Strengthening and Coordination

•    Joint Protection Education for Arthritis

•    Restoration of movement

•    Functional assessment and activities to normalize use

•    Work Hardening Program

•    Strengthening, Ergonomics and Tool Modification

•    Establishment of Home Exercise Program

•    Educational session regarding nature of injury and expectations in dealing with illness

Our wide variety of procedures and modalities include:

  1.   Heat/Ice Treatment, Paraffin, Whirlpool, Iontophoresis

•    Ultrasound and Light Therapy

•    Active and Resistive Exercise Program

•    Functional Electrical Stimulation for Muscle Reeducation

•    Dexterity Training, Functional Activities

•    Edema Reduction Techniques

•    Joint Mobilization

•    Work Simulated Tasks

  1.    Soft/Scar Tissue Massage

  2.    Lymph Drainage by certified Lymphedema Therapist

The major goal of our program is to assist the patient in achieving his or her maximum level of function in order to return to work and/or other
normal activities of daily living.

We welcome your referrals and look forward to the opportunity to
working with you
and your patients.